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Dr. Jillian Zitny treats her patients in a holistic and functional manner, with the philosophy of looking at the body as a whole and searching for areas of dysfunction. She incorporates manual therapy, therapeutic massage and exercise, postural assessment, body mechanics, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial techniques to improve function and quality of life of her patients. 

Please read below to hear how she's helped heal her patients. We would love to hear your testimonial! If you'd like to share your experience with us, please feel free to reach out by phone or email! We appreciate our patients and your feedback. 

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I HIGHLY recommend Jillian to anyone who is looking for a physio!! Just brilliant!
— Julia F.
I have seen many healthcare professionals in the last 3 years. Most have provided short term relief for my lower back pain but Jillian is the first to provide long term outcomes. I can’t rate her highly enough!
— Erin G
I have tried many good physios, but Jillian is fantastic! She explains things clearly and provides very simple exercises based on her knowledge of pilates. She has helped me to improve the way I approach exercise and sports, and has provided some much needed relief from ongoing health conditions.
— Katia L.
Jillian is brilliant. After hurting my back training; it was too sore to move or even stand. After 6 weeks of rest the pain was at 30% and I still couldn’t train. Jillian told me exactly what went wrong in detail, and after 3 weeks following her plan is nearly 100%! I never leave reviews but that’s how happy I am with her!
— Niall O.
I had back surgery last year and went to see Jill to help me with the rehabilitation. She was very informative and helped me figure out which exercise to do. I asked her a lot of questions and she was very accommodating and answered them to my satisfaction. Recommend her for any physio therapy treatment.
— Gehan S.
Jillian has been treating a knee issue that I thought I would have for life, after previous physios couldn’t work out the problem. She quickly identified what was wrong and I have started to see the results after just a few sessions.
— Charlotte H.
I have been seeing Jill for years. She has done wonders for an injury I have had pain and decreased mobility with, allowing me to continue running and keep strong. I couldnt recommend her higher
— Jessica S.
I recommend Dr. Jillian Smith for any physical therapy treatment. She is highly educated, and along with her hands-on experience dealing with patients of varying physical conditions, she has proven herself to be a very skilled therapist. She is also a very kind person who is willing to listen to her patients. I have no doubt you will be very satisfied with her.
— Sherry C.
Jillian has been absolutely fantastic working with me and my bung back! Has been really able to help get to the root of the problem and work to help build back my strength. I’ve seen many physios over the years for various issues and I honestly don’t think any have been as thorough as Jillian.
— Lucy F.
Since I started my treatment with jillian i have seen a great improvement and getting better soon.
— Sameer M.
Jillian has been fantastic! Best I have felt in years!
— Pedro s
Can not speak enough about doctor Jill, at least she listens to you, on top of that she is a doctor so rest assured you are in good hands. My back and neck are way better now, book an appointement and see if she can help you.
— Milad Z.
Jillian is such a thoughtful and sensitive practitioner, she understood exactly what I required, and how to encourage me to accept and collaborate in the treatment. She is incredibly skilled and has returned me to full health after broken vertebrae. I have total trust and confidence in her.
— Greta W
Jillian has been the best physio by far out of many I have tried. The source of my chronic pain was identified immediately in our first session and she has helped me manage and resolve the issue while helping fix other problems along the way. Jillian is professional, highly qualified and experienced but also very warm and friendly to deal with. I highly recommend her.
— Maria G.
Dr. J is the best physio I’ve been to. She has completely got rid of my back and shoulder pain. I can’t speak highly enough of her! She’s the only physio I know who has her doctorate degree. Highly recommended! Book an appointment to see if she can help you!
— Mario D.
Since I began seeing Jillian for my condition, I have improved quite a bit. Not only does Jillian work on my torn Rotator cuffs’ but has helped other older injuries I have that needed treatment. She gives me strategy’s and other advice to improve my heath which I deeply appreciate and exercises to do which improve the week muscles that are specific to my physical problems. Because of my age Jillian gives me exercises appropriate to the condition of my body and encourages me in a very positive and helpful manner. I recommend Jillian to anyone who needs relief and improvement of their injuries and stratergy’s that help them manage and improve said injuries for a better quality of life. Thank you Jillian! Renée 🐸
— Renee C.
Amazingly helpful! Jillian found what was wrong with my neck right away and tailored our appointments to give the best help possible for my problem. Honestly can’t praise her talents enough.
— Liam P.
Dr. Jillian has given me back range of motion in my knee. Between dry needling and massaging and exercises, I can now bend my knee normally and without pain and swelling. Highly recommend her for your physic needs.
— Pam Z.
I hade such a positive experience with dr Jillian. She is a good listener, I honestly have never seen a physio like her before. I completely trust her she truly has magic hands. I came to her in pretty bad shape and she has helped me get stronger and I feel great.
— Shani M.